Last few days as a parent of one

The last week or two have been interesting. My due date is tomorrow, and I’ve been having a lot of random contractions for weeks now, so I’ve been expecting to go into labor at any time. Plus, everyone says second babies usually arrive sooner than first babies. Plus, everyone has been saying that I’m looking so big/carrying so low that they expected me to go early.

Belly shot at almost 38 weeks

Not so much.

I’ve been swinging back and forth between extreme impatience to get this baby OUT, and trying to give Eva extra attention and appreciate our current life together.

There’s a lot to appreciate about our current life. We have a routine, we have a child who sleeps through the night (not that I sleep through the night, but still). We kind of know what to expect and how to deal with Eva. Parenting a toddler – aside from the temper tantrums and the taking FOREVER to get anything done because she wants to try to do everything herself – is a riot. It’s so fun to watch her physically and mentally develop so insanely quickly. Just a few months ago, we were excited she could string a few words together and now we can have entire conversations with her. Her personality is more amazing than I ever could have imagined, and she shows so much affection towards us I can’t wait to see what it will be like when she has a baby to love.

Last night when Brad was putting her to bed, Eva said, “Daddy, you’re my best friend!” He was surprised as we’ve never heard her talk about best friends before. Then he said, “what about Mommy?” “Mommy’s my best friend too,” she said, “and Eva’s my best friend.”

Soon, everything we currently know will be blown to smithereens when the baby bomb drops onto our house. But I hope it won’t be long before she says, “baby brother’s my best friend” too.

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  • Beautiful post. I agree that – when the mood is right – toddler’s are an enormous amount of fun.

    May your baby bomb explode smoothly. I look forward to following your taillights into this storm as well.

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