It’s funny the things that end up being milestones in a baby’s life. I never expected to get so excited about such a simple thing: we put Eva down in her bassinet while she was awake and drowsy (rather than totally asleep) and she fell asleep on her own and stayed asleep. She’s almost six weeks old and this is the first time she’s done that for me. She may have done it for Grandma; I’m not sure.

Another milestone in her life: today she moved up from the newborn size of diapers to the size 1.  *sniff*  My little peanut is getting so big.

Ahem, sorry.

Next week I go for my six-week postpartum checkup. I’m really, really hoping my doctor says I’m healed up enough to start spinning class. I also have big aspirations to take that weight training class I always wanted to take.  Brad has lost 25 pounds in the last few months since he’s been doing martial arts and it’s been a bit humbling to have me become chunky and him become trim and muscular.  I, on the other hand, have a stretchmark-covered Santa belly (a bowl full of Jello) and 15 extra pounds that don’t seem to want to come off.

The biggest thing, beyond vanity, is that exercise is something I really need in order to be a healthy, happy and sane person. The sleep deprivation, hormonal shifts and enormous life changes aren’t always the easiest to handle and I think regular exercise will help.  There are days when I have to ask myself if I’m suffering from postpartum depression or if it’s just that it’s really hard to have a new baby. Today’s the kind of day that it all seems doable, but yesterday it seemed I spent more hours crying than not. I’m really hoping exercise can help level out my mood. Feeling like I’m on my way back to being healthy will be a big milestone for me.


  • Even if my child turns out to be the antichrist, it’ll all be worth it because my wife, for all the reasons you listed in the last two paragraphs, has consented to getting a Wii.

    What do you mean my priorities are askew?

  • Your priorities are right on. Are you going to get Wii Fit, then?

  • That be the plan.

    My almost-sixty-year-old father has now beaten me to the iPhone and the Wii Fit. That’s quite a triumph of gadget usability if you ask me.

  • You’re right. Exercise will do wonders for you. OK, I just read what I wrote… time to practice what I’ve preached. Thanks!

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