Burst of energy

Spent most of the day getting the bathroom ready to paint it. That was a lot more work than I thought it would be. I didn’t think it would actually involve a hacksaw or that much spackle. Alas, it was sort of bad timing. Now I’ve got a room ready to paint, but it’s Sunday night. I’ve effectively made our bathroom fairly unusable for the rest of the week. Good job, me.
Working on it in the evenings is a possibility, but I also have a big non-work-related design project that absolutely has to be done by Wednesday, so that will have to take precedence. I guess we’ll be showering in the cat-litter bathroom for the week.
On top of all of this, I signed up for Ravelympics (a knitting event sort of thing wherein you choose a difficult project and try to start and complete it all within the 17 days of the Olympics). I guess of all these things, this is the least important, but it’s also arguably the most fun, so it’s a terrible distraction/temptation.
Though I feel stretched a little thin right now, I know I’ve only taken on all of these things because I actually have energy again. And now that I’m seeing a chiropractor, I feel at least hopeful that I’ll be physically and mentally able to do all these things (I say “mentally able” because the back/hip/leg pain is so bad I’ve only been getting about four hours of fitful sleep every night for the past 3-4 weeks. That takes a mental toll that might even be worse than the physical one).
I also feel a sense of urgency because I have a coworker in her third trimester of pregnancy and so I have a daily reminder of how I’ll soon feel rather crappy again and I should accomplish as much as I can while I can still get around relatively comfortably. And now excuse me, I must go accomplish some things.


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