According to my sources, robins have been sighted in the area, but I haven’t seen them yet

I bought a little collection of bulbs on the first day of spring because it made me feel better to know that there would be something green and flowery growing near me because heaven knows nothing will be green or flowery outside for far too long, there being a snowstorm on the first day of spring and all (and the day after that and the day after that).
This is what it looked like when I bought it last Thursday:

Then I had a day off on Friday, was sick on Monday and when I came back on Tuesday, the thing was in full bloom. EXCELLENT.

T minus 13 days until I leave for Ireland.


  • Until *you* leave for Ireland? I thought you were taking Brad. Please? Don’t stick us with him!
    Cheers on the flowers, and I hope you see a robin soon. We could all use a little spring, those of us up here.

  • If he’s good, he’ll get to come along. Don’t get your hopes up too much.

  • Your posts title sounds like an Explosions In The Sky or 65 Days Of Static track name.
    *rocks out*

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