Dispatch from New Jersey

, originally uploaded by AMK.

I’ve gotten to see Morristown, NJ today both from street level and from above and I have to say I like it better from above. The rooftops of Morristown are strangely photogenic.

Everything seems a bit surreal to me today. I’m about a week into a bout of bad insomnia. Last night was by far the worst because the hotel room I’m staying in has a really loud heater. I can’t decide if I should bother complaining and asking to switch rooms, because I have a feeling all of their rooms are like this and I’m almost too tired to contemplate packing up all my stuff and moving. I’m not sure I can stand another two nights of this, though.

Anyway, everything is kind of foggy today and yet somehow brighter than normal, in my sleep-deprivation-influenced state. It’s akin to the surreal perceptions I have the day after a migraine. It’s probably also influenced by the fact that I’m here in my pretend role as a photographer (sorry, I just find it impossible to think of myself as a real photographer even though I’m being paid to be one at this moment). So I’ve been behind the lens all day and I think that colors my perceptions of the world.

In summary: I don’t really have anything to say, but that I’m in an unfamiliar place and things look strange to me from here. And that I need to allow myself to be in unfamiliar places more often because it’s really good for me.


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