Round and round

So last night I went to spinning class (the exercise kind, not the yarn kind). The new session of spinning started three weeks ago. I told myself three weeks ago that I was absolutely not going to miss any day of spinning unless I was horribly sick or had to unexpectedly travel for work or something. Last week, I wasn’t feeling well and I didn’t go and then I regretted not going. This week, I went. It was painful. I am so out of shape.
The instructor is all motivatey and upbeat but, amazingly, not really in an annoying way. She just genuinely loves to exercise and loves to motivate other people to exercise. So that’s good. Last night she kept telling us to notice and appreciate how strong our bodies are.
Sorry, my body is not strong. Last summer when I was biking 40-60 miles every week and going every week to spinning (where we also have to do crunches and such)… then my body was strong. But in the winter, it’s so easy for me to forget how good that feels and to burrow even deeper into my nest of yarn with my cats and American Idol (I’ve made it through six seasons without getting pulled in and darn it if I’m not getting sucked right into season 7). Especially when it’s so bloody cold. It was -15 degrees when I left the house this morning.
The thing is, I feel old because I have no energy and I have no energy because I’m not exercising. I think that’s just my reality. If I keep trying, I’ll get past the point where exercising is painful and back to the point where it becomes something I actually look forward to.
Besides, if I really am going to bike a century this year, it can’t hurt to get in shape as soon as possible.


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