I’ve been feeling old and boring lately. I have to ask myself, do I truly believe I’m old and boring, or am I just old and boring by my perceptions of everyone else’s standards? Am I feeling insecure lately? I’ve always been hard on myself, but it’s been a long time since I’ve really cared what anyone else thought of me. But I seem to remember it feeling sort of like this. Weird. How do I make that go away?


  • I just hunker down and wait for these episodes to pass. That’s all I can tell you. Surely someone else has better advice than that.

    Turn that frown upside down!
    *runs away very, very fast*

  • Welcome to the club. I long ago came to accept the fact that I’m old and boring. Everyone else is young and glamourous and witty and sophisticated. I don’t mind – it takes the pressure off me.

  • Well for starters, if you didn’t care about what people thought of you, you wouldn’t be asking how to make these old and boring thoughts go away, so let’s dispel that part.
    We all get these ‘grass in greener’ thoughts. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting do do something new to add to your life. But those people out there you’re comparing yourself to, would sell their souls to feel old and boring, or, more correctly put, settled and comfortable.
    I say, stop comparing yourself to these people, and start finding ways to make them compare themselves to you. Be proud and open of the things you do. Make yourself the standard. Poke fun (kindly) at anyone who doesn’t get it. If they brag and compare all the things they did over a weekend to your knitting a scarf, say “It’s okay, Jill. You can admit that you don’t know how to knit. Y’know, I could try to teach you.”
    My belief is that nobody is better than me (well, except Tracy :* ). Just different. Because they are different, there’s obviously no need to compare myself to them.

  • I can honestly say that not once have I found you old and/or boring. And that’s my perception.

  • Thanks for all the perspectives, guys. I’m really fine, you know. Just temporary insanity.
    Also, specifically in response to Mike’s comment, nobody’s going around bragging that their lives are more exciting than mine or anything, so I don’t want to give that impression. It’s just temporary insanity.

  • That’s good. You can go to court with that.

  • My life’s more exciting than yours.
    Excitement isn’t always good.

  • I used to have temporary insanity.
    Then I hired it on full-time.

  • Mike: Heh.

  • Jane: you’re right, excitement isn’t always good.

  • There are absolutely good and bad kinds of excitement. Maybe this is just a resting phase, before something big and wonderful happens?

  • Tina: I hope so.

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