Monthly Archives: November 2007

Happy Medium

I liked Tina’s post wondering why we blog. I’ve been thinking about this lately, I guess because of NaBloPoMo.

Reverse Psychology

Dear Red Cross and Memorial Blood Centers, I get that my wonderful overachieving blood type (A+) is needed. I get that donating blood is a good thing. I’ve done it lots of times and I plan to do it again sometime in the future. But I wish you would understand that your incessant calls do

Suburban Culture Shock #348

Today, Brad and I went to check out a new coffeeshop in our neighborhood. This was a big occasion, because the five or so miles around us are basically a cultural wasteland. We each brought multiple books, and I brought a knitting project. I had high hopes for this particular coffeeshop. We only have one

Boring and damn proud of it

So far, my weekend plans of slothfulness and incessant consumption of media has proceeded swimmingly.